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We seek innovative new ways that both cut down on the clutter and our environmental footprint: saving you time, expense, and the worry of it all! We have established relationships with several charitable organizations, we say “no” to landfills, and “yes” to creating a positive impact for those in need by donating whenever possible.
Work Together
We are all about recycling, reusing and repurposing and we can help find the right local outlet for your used belongings. We are always on the lookout for new places to donate to and if you have a suggestion, we would love to hear about it!
Donate to Charity
Your gently used items can be put to good use locally. We have found several agencies and charities that are grateful for donations. Why not donate and get a tax deduction from a local charity.
Help Environment
The thought of reusable items being thrown into dumpsters and landfills is something that we know is avoidable. We are all about being as green as possible during the downsizing process.

Your Environmentally Friendly Solution

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Downsize Managers and our sister nonprofit organization Things Matter work together to unite people, communities and organizations around the idea of a circular economy, where environmentally conscious downsizing and donations will close the disparity gap in our communities and provide a sustainable future for mission-driven organizations, and the environment.
Donate though things matter
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Circular Economy

We at Downsize Managers and Things Matter love this planet. Which is why we go above and beyond to actively find new homes for your belongings, rather than simply throwing them into a landfill.

We created an ecosystem for conscious downsizing that provides a way for people to dispose of items, declutter and move on to the next chapter of their life while giving their things a new home through auctions and donations.
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Through donations, we promote the creation of a caring and sharing society and as a result, we help people enhance their life by giving them employment, a sense of community, and self-reliance.

Donate though things matter

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