We Downsize with Care

Whether moving into your new home, deciding to live with less, or saying goodbye to the nesting days and hello to retirement, we want to be there for you.
Save Time
Within two weeks your downsizing can be complete from start to finish! Once we know your timeline we can get started on your local online auction and find a new home for all your no longer needed possessions.
Stay Safe
It’s no small matter letting just anyone into your home and trusting them with your personal belongings. We know you put a lot of faith into us when you choose Downsize Managers and we will be available to answer questions or discuss your concerns during the downsizing process.
Partner with us
We quickly determine what to sell, donate, or give to family. We then take photos onsite of the items to be featured in your auction, we create an auction catalog for you to review, start the auction online and finally we meet the buyers at your home for pickup once the auction ends.
Monetary Return
After the auction ends and the pickup by buyers has happened, you will receive a printout of what your items sold for and you will get your net check within a few weeks. The best part about the online auction is the fact that it is a very transparent way to see exactly what your possessions sold for.

organize your things

We can help you determine what avenue your items should take during the downsize process...
We don't want you to have any regrets about letting certain things go, so we can help you sort out what would be best to keep.
We offer local on-line auctions for your items of value, this is not only an efficient process, but t is also a very transparent way to sell items.
Your gently used items can be put to good use locally. We are all about recycling and reusing, so we can help find the right local outlet for your used belongings.

Start your downsizing planning with us


Contact us to set up a meeting for a free on site consultation.

On Site

We will meet you at your home or the home of a loved one.

Your Goals

On site, we can discuss expectations to achieve your goal.


Based on the scope, we can determine how much time it will take.

a Plan

We will provide you with a downsize plan and a cost estimate.
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We Revolutionize The Way People Downsize

We created an ecosystem that brings together all the resources and support needed for a smooth and successful transition.

In addition to our vast network of trusted partners, our sister nonprofit organization Things Matter handles auctions and donations with a focus on reducing waste and making a positive impact in local communities.

By combining the expertise of Downsize Managers with the resources of Things Matter, we're able to offer a comprehensive downsizing solution that is efficient, effective, and empowering. Whether you're looking to sell unwanted items, donate to a good cause, or simply simplify your life, our ecosystem is designed to help you achieve your goals with ease and peace of mind.

Safe, Reputable, Trustworthy, Kind

We promise caring, empathetic, and efficient service from all of our Downsizing Managers – treating your family and belongings like our own. No matter the timeframe, we’ll achieve your goals, bring a smile to your face, and earn you a little cash!

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